Hoje abordo esse dilema que toma o tempo de muitos profissionais. Até que ponto faz diferença escolher entre uma câmera Full Frame ou cropada (Aps-C)? (more…)
Levanto neste video alguns questionamentos sobre a importância da distinção entre o bom senso e o estilo para fotógrafos de casamento. (more…)
Renovando minha maneira de transportar meu equipamento em casamentos apresento a nova Think Tank Airport Roller Derby e meu kit para casamentos (versão 2016).
I am afraid, after reading so many good reviews about the new X-Pro2, on doing another article and becoming redundant. So I will try to put aside the purely technical aspects and I will give my personal impressions as a pro photographer of this camera. I'll probably forget some points because there were many advances, but extol the most important in my view. I am a photographer specializing in events and portraits, but I love shooting landscapes and street. I am using the X-Pro2 for a month and I had a chance to test it on fashion photography, street photography and bridal portraits. My first impressions based on these experiences. Later I will write another article sharing also my wedding experiences with it. (more…)
I am Fuji Lover and inveterate user of Fujifilm cameras and lenses for four years, and during all this time I had the opportunity of using, also as being an X Photographer, virtually all bodies and lenses of the X series, combining them together and testing them in the field. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, I also love street and travel photography. I have daily and frequent contact with Fuji users from all around the world, especially in Brazil, where I have a group called Fuji X Lovers Brasil with over 1,300 photographers. I make with these contacts an important bridge between users and the company, providing information and suggestions for improvement via firmware and new releases. Well, after this brief introduction, I write this article to respond with options one of the most frequent questions asked by photographers every day: What is the best Fujifilm kit for weddings? I decided to choose for style and value, and I will bring the prices in american dollars. (more…)
I was recently in Tokyo, as a X Photographer, for the celebration of five years of the X Series, the largest event ever held by Fujifilm cameras division. At the same time the company introduced a number of attractions such as galleries, lectures, the book launch of X Photographers and the launch of four new cameras and lens, having as main attraction the incredible X-Pro 2. Plunged carefully at every opportunity to understand the spirit of the company, which I am an ambassador, closely. And I came back from trip with very encouraging certainties. Many fellow photographers come to me every day to ask if it really worth it to migrate their systems to Fujifilm. Always given as an example my decision to become 100% user of the brand three years. But I needed to understand where the company is heading, and these days some precious doubts were answered. I know many photographers will question me saying that the system is still not perfect, lacking this or that. Yes, I know, there are good points to be explored and developed, and like any other system, nothing is perfect. But I like to put all my decisions on a scale, and choose the side that weighs more. For this reason I want to enumerate the points that influenced me and now weigh heavily in favor of the Fujifilm X series. (more…)