You might be asking why another Fujifilm X-T2 review if they all talk about the same things. Might be thinking why I wrote a different kind of review. I prefer to compare the new Fujifilm flagship to the other cameras that people usually make comparisons.

First of all, I need to talk a little bit about my experience with this camera.

I’ve been working and playing with Fujifilm cameras since the x100s.

I’ve shot, during these last years, with this model, and I’ve also shot with the X-E2, X-T10, X100T, X-T1, X70 and X-Pro2.

As a curious guy who gives classes and lectures about Mirrorless revolution all over Brazil, I’ve also tried on Olympus, Samsung and Sony gear together with so many good lenses for weddings and portraits.

I did this because, as an X-Photographer, I can’t just talk about Fujifilm without experiencing other brands.

I also have great experience with DSLR cameras, since I first used Canon cameras back in 2001, testing them very hard on many different models and L lenses.


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