I was recently in Tokyo, as a X Photographer, for the celebration of five years of the X Series, the largest event ever held by Fujifilm cameras division. At the same time the company introduced a number of attractions such as galleries, lectures, the book launch of X Photographers and the launch of four new cameras and lens, having as main attraction the incredible X-Pro 2. Plunged carefully at every opportunity to understand the spirit of the company, which I am an ambassador, closely. And I came back from trip with very encouraging certainties. Many fellow photographers come to me every day to ask if it really worth it to migrate their systems to Fujifilm. Always given as an example my decision to become 100% user of the brand three years. But I needed to understand where the company is heading, and these days some precious doubts were answered. I know many photographers will question me saying that the system is still not perfect, lacking this or that. Yes, I know, there are good points to be explored and developed, and like any other system, nothing is perfect. But I like to put all my decisions on a scale, and choose the side that weighs more. For this reason I want to enumerate the points that influenced me and now weigh heavily in favor of the Fujifilm X series. (more…)