Neste video apresento o kit de equipamentos que uso em meu trabalho de casamentos. A cada ano que passa estou tentando simplificar meu equipamento, diminuir o peso e tornar-me mais ágil. Em 12 minutos procuro dissecar meu kit de trabalho. Se gostou subscreva no Canal Eh Namour do Youtube. Siga os perfis @ehnamour, @fujixlovers e @namourfilho no Instagram E ouça no Papo de Fotógrafo o Podcast Eh Namour. Obrigado pela audiência. (more…)
I am Fuji Lover and inveterate user of Fujifilm cameras and lenses for four years, and during all this time I had the opportunity of using, also as being an X Photographer, virtually all bodies and lenses of the X series, combining them together and testing them in the field. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, I also love street and travel photography. I have daily and frequent contact with Fuji users from all around the world, especially in Brazil, where I have a group called Fuji X Lovers Brasil with over 1,300 photographers. I make with these contacts an important bridge between users and the company, providing information and suggestions for improvement via firmware and new releases. Well, after this brief introduction, I write this article to respond with options one of the most frequent questions asked by photographers every day: What is the best Fujifilm kit for weddings? I decided to choose for style and value, and I will bring the prices in american dollars. (more…)